Customer journeys are difficult to predict and change quickly. Many traditionally built technologies force how you to define the customer journey, and can be further constrained by your internal systems and processes.

With Enactor, the customer journey focuses on a number of interaction points that are service based, either assisted or unassisted by your staff. Enactor easily connects e-commerce transaction information with all customer facing devices and channels.

That means your customer journeys can be defined by the customer’s desired goal or outcome, as opposed to how your company is structured.

Gartner lists Enactor in their “Digital Business Ready” applications for comprehensive unified commerce.

From hello to goodbye, make sure it’s an experience to remember.

What does Enactor deliver?

  • Fewer abandoned transactions
  • Higher average transaction spend
  • Increased volumes of closed transactions
  • Greater levels of customer satisfaction
  • Empowered staff

How Enactor Works

World class omni-channel retail applications for leading and middle tier retailers

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