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agile . architecture . omni-channel

Posted on 20th February 2017 in category Company updates

Enactor has revolutionised the way application and business processes are built, deployed and executed.

Our architecture comprises of thousands micro-processes, pre-packed functioning code which can be recalled at any time for when they need to be used again.

Using these, the Enactor Toolkit builds applications as process flows which are actually executed when they run. This one-of-a-kind, agile platform has been used to build our totally Service-orientated-architecture and the products that make up the solution. Our ability to build new SOAP and RESTful calls and interfaces mean this is the most scalable architecture for adding new channels or functionality. This means the ability to rapidly implement customisation and change to enterprise software packages has never been so fundamental.

  • No more lengthy and costly change projects
  • Keep up with business demands for innovation
  • Allow the business to put technology at the heart of its business model
  • End any dependence on your supplier for minor and major changes
  • Make changes to systems in minutes rather than weeks