Enactor offers new ways of working with applications to empower partners during client projects. The applications allow much greater ownership of implementations and function, and the capability for partners and clients to define their own development plans.

Some of the advantages to partners of working with Enactor applications and technology include:

  • An opportunity to work with new technologies
  • A design architecture that simplifies integration to other systems
  • Access to development tools to build and modify processes that span the enterprise, and to enable own development
  • Software component creation can be easily outsourced
  • Process components and functions are more easily understood by support teams
  • New diagnostic tools and techniques improve support

Sales support

Partners need assurance that the products and companies they work with can respond to the needs of different sales situations. Enactor can help partners in various stages and aspects of the sales process. We provide technical and application sales support during tender responses and pre-sales meetings. With fast prototyping, we can create demonstration function rapidly.

Enactor is continuing to build a partner network in the UK, North America and Europe. If you are interested in working with us email