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Customer journeys have never been more critical for consumer facing organisations. With tangible commercial benefits, and the impact on reputation, a good or bad experience can be the decider between a purchase or walking away.
86% of millennials don’t trust advertising and rely on peer reviews.

Technology should not be constraining this element of a business, it should be enabling it. However this is not always straightforward due to legacy technology that may not easily integrate with more modern cloud based solutions.

With Enactor, this problem is solved using our Digital Hub. Using web services, all customer touchpoints are connected to transactional and supply chain data, providing not only a 360 degree single view of the customer, but facilitating a seamless customer journey.

A totally satisfied customer delivers 2.6 times more revenue than a somewhat satisfied customer.
Source: Trustpilot

What this means in practice:

The challenge in facilitating flexible customer journeys that need to be regularly updated as new technologies emerge, is the traditional monolithic IT environment that requires fixed integration points hampered by different platforms and technologies.

This tends to constrain as opposed to enable flexibility, and leaves both retailer and consumer frustrated by a lack of innovation. For example, why should IT limit the ability to offer click and collect for coffee shops, or prevent a department store from viewing all customer transactions in store, whether it’s retail or food and drink?

Enactor has been developed specifically to solve that problem, using micro services that are easy to configure and enable platform independent processes and functions. See technical details.

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