Enactor books

Placing our Customers fully in control of their Retail Systems is a fundamental tenet of Enactor’s Product Development and Marketing philosophy. The Enactor Books document the means to this control, enabling access the flexibility and adaptability that derives from the very foundation of Enactor Retail Applications; the application framework upon which they have been built.

Enactor Retail Applications are highly configurable and thereby immediately flexible to Customer requirements. The Enactor Toolset enables easy customisation of Enactor Retail Application processes and rapid adaptation to changing Customer requirements. The Open Service Architecture of the Enactor Retail System provides extensive opportunity for efficient integration with Customers’ existing systems and Estate Administration functionality provides tools to monitor and control the day-to-day operation of the Applications.

The Enactor Books provide explanatory narrative and richly-detailed documentation of Enactor’s Retail System in all aspects of Configuration, Customisation, Integration and Administration, placing the power to access these capabilities squarely in the hands of our Customers.

Enactor Retail - Inside Enactor - Configuration Management

Enactor Retail: Configuration Management

Configuration provides the Base Data on which the Retail Applications operate and the Control Data that determines Application Behaviour. Enactor’s Estate Administration User interface provides the means interactively to define, import or export this data and to distribute it to elements of the Retail Estate.

Configuration Management fully describes the structure and function of Enactor Retail Configuration, the meaning and relationships of the elements and how they are defined and distributed to the estate using the Estate Manager. Readers will find the book an invaluable tool as they configure Enactor Retail applications and distribute configuration to the retail estate.

Enactor Retail - Inside Enactor - Setup and Administration

Enactor Retail: Setup and Administration

Implementation of Enactor Retail Systems is subject to customer-specific Application options and distribution requirements. Setup and Administration describes the Application components, Architectural topologies and deployment options of Enactor Retail. Installation and Setup procedures and facilities are described in detail as are the system update mechanisms and tools.

Once installed, Enactor’s Estate Administration User Interface provides a central point of control and access to tools to monitor and manage the operation of the applications, from purging data and monitoring queues, web and background services and business processes to tracking events and assessing resources. Setup and Administration provides both foundational insight into how these system elements function and a detailed description of the tools available to administer them.

Enactor Retail - Inside Enactor - Application Integration

Enactor Retail: Application Integration

Enactor Retail’s Service Oriented Architecture accommodates integration of the Application and Architectural components of the standard Enactor Retail System with versatile deployment options. These native features of Enactor Retail readily adapt to accommodate rich and varied integration requirements of Customers’ existing systems.

Application Integration delivers a comprehensive description of the key elements of these integration facilities and how to use them. Services, Queues and Batch facilities are described in detail and the Data Structures they exchange are fully documented.

Enactor Toolset - Inside Enactor - Introduction to Enactor Tools

Enactor Toolset: Introduction to Enactor Tools

The Enactor Toolset is a suite of visual design tools and resource libraries allied to a development environment. The visual interfaces enable easy, non-technical, Business level apprehension of the process flows and actions of the Enactor Retail Application Processes and allow IT teams rapidly to change and augment them. The Enactor Toolset delivers agility that enables the Retail Business to adapt rapidly to the changing Retail Environment.

Introduction to Enactor Tools is a textbook introduction to the Enactor Toolset and Development Environment. It provides conceptual overview of how the design tools work and describes installation of the tools and platform elements. It describes how to use the tools to develop and maintain processes, design user interfaces and integrate them into business processes, design data structures and manage data for transmission and persistence and the deployment of applications at run time. Readers will find the book provides rich insight to the toolset and a comprehensive resource of referential detail.