Estate Management

Store Manager

Store Manager

Store Manager provides the applications managers and supervisors need to run their stores. The applications run on tablets, desktops and small hand-held mobile devices. Store Manager is designed to help retailers improve operational efficiency through the careful design of application and enterprise process flows and branded user interfaces, and with the extensive application configuration options available in Estate Manager. Where more substantive alterations to process, function and user interface are needed, retailers can utilise our development toolkit.

Store manager functions


  • price change activation
  • label printing
  • repairs management
  • alterations management


  • store sales
  • products and promotions
  • employee attendance
  • system exceptions


  • store inventory reports
  • stock taking
  • inter-branch transfers
  • parcel management

Monitoring and alerts

  • system and KPI monitoring
  • alerts raised to designated staff
  • task generation and monitoring

Human resources

  • store user management
  • store diary
  • task allocation

Cash management

  • terminal cash management
  • safe cash management
  • real-time reports
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