Estate Management

The Enactor/Retail-J Bridge

From the creators of Retail–J, the bridge gives you effortless migration to a state-of-the-art digital platform. The Enactor/Retail-J Bridge allows you to run both systems side by side in your store seamlessly.

Enactor Retail-J Bridge

Already rolled-out successfully in Harrods, the bridge allows you to timetable your own changeover. With no data losses and switch over costs your in store staff can even use the same UI – making your transition faultless.

The Enactor/Retail-J Bridge is at its foundation the connection of two Estate Managers. Transactions, stock data and reports from Enactor can be sent in Retail-J format to the existing Retail-J back office or Estate Manager in real time as if they were from native Retail-J POS devices. We know how – we built it.

When you want to switch totally over to Enactor, is completely up to you.

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