Enactor Touchpoints



Enactor clientelling adds 1-2-1 marketing functions and systems to encourage regular contact with your customers. The touch screen applications give salespeople quick access to applications that let them communicate with customers and offer promotions or suggest items for sale. Department teams and salespeople can be better informed about their own customers, their visits, preferences and spending, and can be more proactive in their dealings and create new purchase opportunities.

Enactor clientelling is the front-end of the Enactor clientelling/CRM suite, designed to operate in stores, supported and driven by CRM running from central servers. The front-end applications operate on mobile, tablet and desktop devices, and on the Web.

The key elements of the systems are:

  • Customer database with key dates, preferences and transaction history
  • Sales team and salesperson task management
  • Sales team and salesperson diary
  • Salesperson-customer affiliations
  • Promotions and loyalty decision engine
  • Campaign runner
  • Email and SMS messaging

These elements combine with other Enactor systems to give a feature-rich and joined-up clientelling and CRM system which supports established CRM principles:


Enactor clientelling running on a tablet:

Customer relationship management

Campaign runner

Campaign Runner enables mass and targeted rewards, tasks and loyalty processes to be issued to customers. Rewards such as promotional vouchers or additional loyalty points might be targeted at customers with up-coming birthdays, or additional balances on a gift card could be made available to customers who spend above a certain value within a given timeframe.

As well as issuing rewards and communications, campaigns can also be scheduled to issue tasks to store and marketing staff using the affiliation system. This allows customers and customer groups to be allocated across the salesforce enabling 1-2-1 communication to high spending and VIP customers, initiated as part of a campaign.

Campaign processes and round-trip view

Campaign Runner can initiate processes that respond to the actions taken by individual customers. These processes are designed using the Enactor Toolkit and assist with getting a ’round-trip’ view of the effectiveness of a campaign. Each campaign can run complex and fully configurable processes that issue and track usage or response to communications, rewards, customer visits and spend.


The loyalty system allows one or more schemes to be run in-house, each with multiple tiers and with the ability to trigger many different types of savings and promotions types. As well as being a standalone solution, other systems within a retailer’s organisation can access and use the functions of the loyalty system via Web services.

Gift cards

The traditional functions of account card, loyalty card and gift card can be combined into a single entity and run as a combined card, or individual cards. It lets you run in-house schemes for store and Web use, and offers access to and use by 3rd party applications via Web services.