Enactor Touchpoints

Mobile POS

Enactor Mobile POS

With changing consumer expectations, mobility around the store is key. Enactor Mobile POS brings together all of the Enactor POS applications on to mobile devices to deliver all the capabilities of the fixed terminal.

Clientelling, assisted selling through endless aisle, customer orders and queue busting – as well as the full range of traditional point of sale functions are all supported on any mobile POS device.

Everything configurable

Enactor includes tools that customise the look, feel and behaviour of its applications. With the screen designer, marketing and IT departments can build and project exactly the right brand image to customers and users. In fact you can pick and mix whichever applications you want. If required the application can simply be queue busting application to cut down waiting times and improve customer experience.

All our applications are hardware or OS agnostic and can run as thick or thin as required. Tablets are not necessarily the appropriate device for pure queue busting applications where simple fast selling options and a small form factor are required. A number of ‘sledge’ products are available that add Chip and PIN, scanning and additional battery capacity to standard devices such as Apple iPod Touch and iPhones.

Everything real-time

Real-time transactions, processes and messaging are at the heart of the digital retail enterprise. Enactor’s online applications are run centrally by Digital Retail Hub and Estate Manager.

Assisted Selling

Assisted selling on tablet POS

Browse salesperson's suggested items


1-2-1 interaction, manage customer accounts and tasks
Collection Builder

Collection builder

Build an outfit or kit from suggested items
Store Order and Collect

Store order and collect

Order from extended product catalogue and ship from DC
Email receipt

Email receipt and send incentive

Send promotional voucher as a QR code by email or SMS
Sell Across Channels

Sell across channels

Build up shopping basket on consumer mobile app
P2PE Payments

P2PE payments

Supporting a wide range of mobile devices
Rich Product Search

Rich Product Search

Display rich product data and media
Customer Orders

Customer orders

Place and manage customer orders
Endless Aisle

Endless aisle

Browse product catalogue and cross sell