Enactor Touchpoints


The in-store device is now so much more than a transaction processor. Powerful additional applications take the terminal from being a traditional Point of Sale to truly a Point of Service. Improving functionality across all touchpoints is an integral part of developing brand loyalty and driving sales. These applications give the store staff everything they need to maintain an intimate relationship with the customer.


The Clientelling app allows store staff to know everything about the customer the second they walk in. Enactor’s SOA means that live customer information can be brought from the digital retail hub in real time.

Endless aisle

Enactor’s powerful endless aisle application means the sale isn’t lost when there is no stock. Complete product ranges can be brought down from the website with images, details and local stock availability. From here a customer order can be created with all fulfilment options including: Click and collect from any store, back order or home delivery.

Enactor POS

Enactor POS – Thin client

The small footprint thin client is written specifically for each target device so that the applications look, feel and perform like thick client programs. The generic design allows Mobile POS to be run on different types of devices, and it ensures the security of sensitive information or out of date data. The technology we use runs well over GSM as well as wireless – giving a backup alternative if necessary. Thin client Point of Service can be run on older hardware, often avoiding the need for costly upgrades and ensuring the security of sensitive information with data held remotely.

All enactor touchpoint applications are OS and hardware agnostic. They currently run on a wide range of hardware, including mobile devices such as tablets, iPhones and iPods, as well as counter-top POS devices.

Rich Product Search

Rich Product Search

Display rich product data and media
Assisted Selling

Assisted selling

Browse salesperson's suggested items
Collection Builder

Collection builder

Build an outfit or kit from suggested items
Endless Aisle

Endless aisle

Browse product catalogue and cross sell
Customer Orders

Customer orders

Place and manage customer orders


1-2-1 interaction, manage customer accounts and tasks


Manage loyalty points, cards and vouchers
Email and messaging

Email and messaging

Contact customers and colleagues


Rich content selling, fast or self-checkout
Promotions Engine

Promotions engine

Run at the POS or as a service