Enactor has selected technologies optimally suited to the development of online omni-channel enterprise systems. The Java 2 Platform, Enterprise Edition, service-oriented architecture (SOA) design framework and Web services have become standard approaches to the design and build of enterprise information systems, and are the design foundation for Enactor.


Enactor is written in Java. Since its release, the Java language has been tested, refined, extended and proven by hundreds of thousands of organisations and millions of developers. Java is the largest and most active development community. Java’s write once, run anywhere capability is central to its platform independence. So as well as running in a Java environment, Java applications also run in a non-Java environment.

Service oriented architecture

SOA makes loosely-coupled and discrete pieces of function available as services to other applications – and is ideally suited to the construction of enterprise software which runs across a distributed network. Enactor implements SOA universally. Inside its applications, function and system services are contained within finely-grained re-usable components that form the actions in the resource libraries. These actions can be called from across the enterprise using Web services.


SOAs natural partner is the Business Process Execution Language (BPEL), used to integrate and assemble Web services. BPEL and SOA provide a set of modern standards ideally suited to the design of process-oriented enterprise solutions. The Enactor platform implements an Enactor-designed business process engine designed for retail.

Web services

In conjunction with SOA, Enactor uses Web services which are designed to support machine-to-machine interaction over a network. They make functional building blocks accessible over standard Internet protocols, independent of platforms and programming languages. They are used extensively in Enactor to enable the delivery of platform independent function across networks.

Bringing it together

Enactor brings all of these design techniques, technologies and open source software together with its own domain expertise into a solution that works. Enactor has been designed to be easily adopted by both IT and business users. It integrates business, application and enterprise processes into a single development environment. The visual tools and presentation of processes are easier for business as well as technical people to understand, and are the simplest way to introduce a process-centric approach to those involved in designing new applications and enterprise connections.