Update – COVID-19

In these very challenging circumstances resulting from the COVID-19 crisis, we thought it right to make a statement on behalf of everyone at Enactor to our customers and partners.

Firstly, we would like to offer words of support for all the people, families and businesses affected by Coronavirus, and our best wishes go out to everyone. The country will bounce back, but unfortunately it looks like it may take some time to get back to “business as normal”. In the meantime, we must all be vigilant in our habits, hygiene and interactions with our peers and loved ones.

We want to reassure our customers, partners, suppliers and employees that we are still very much “full-steam ahead”. We are perceiving this hiatus as creating opportunities, not just hindrances. There are going to be commercial pressures as the wider effects on the economy become clearer, but in the meantime, we will continue to support our customers, deliver projects and develop our products and technology.

The tools available today for communication, sharing and collaboration are incredible. All of our fantastic 140-strong team across USA, UK and Sri Lanka will remain busy and fully engaged. For us, if it is not “business as normal”, it is certainly “business as abnormal”. We are using this time to look critically at our current projects and activities to improve what we are doing and we are using the time to reach out to existing customers and new prospects so that when we do all get through this difficult period we can hit the ground running with exciting new initiatives.

We are, of course, incredibly fortunate that the immediate effects of the virus have not yet affected us much, which is why we have been presented with this opportunity to get our heads down and continue to do what we are passionate about. We have put in place contingencies should that situation change, and will post updates as necessary.

If there’s anything we can do to support our customers & partners who may be affected by what’s currently happening, then please do get in touch.