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Fiscalisation-1 Managing fiscal regulations can pose a challenge to commercial enterprises that operate across multiple territories. Enactor’s dedicated localisation development team have been working hard to ensure that EU wide fiscalisation is supported and is as easy as possible for global retailers to implement and be compliant to.

Fiscalisation Challenges

Important in the fight against fraud, fiscalisation ensures that transactions are recorded and the appropriate VAT is paid. Fiscal compliance comes in two forms, software and hardware and combines physical printer integration and government web services.

We understand that retailers need to not only be compliant, but also have to ensure that costs are controlled and procedures are streamlined. Our Toolkit Microservices facilitates these processes very easily.

There are several challenges in the area of fiscal management that Enactor has been able to solve:

  • Cost escalation when dealing with multiple markets
  • Mixed retail concepts that have multiple regulation types
  • Managing multiple payment types
  • Multiple payment channels
  • Complex promotions and incentives management
  • Constant regulation change

Escalating costs can occur when printers and web services execution are not integrated correctly or require manual intervention, and complexity of receipt formatting and other documents can cause a headache for retailers that aren’t familiar with the regulations of that country, or new requirements.

At Enactor we work with many retailers that operate in these markets, and fiscal law compliance is built into the Enactor POS application. This means that complications are handled automatically in the background, allowing the retailer the confidence that regulatory compliance is achieved.

How Enactor works in this area:

Fiscalisation We’ve already developed relationships with partners across Europe, both subject matter experts in country who understand the local laws and certification processes, and with in- country hardware providers. This means costs that would usually be incurred by the retailer to review legislation and integrate with hardware are minimised as Enactor has already performed these activities minimizing 3 rd party costs.

We’ve made a significant investment in the product to support fiscal across multiple countries in Europe to give retailers using our product a consistent fiscal approach when operating in multiple regions. Once a country is implemented on any project, that country’s requirements become a core part of the Enactor product.

We have also committed to making sure that we keep the solution compliant with future changes in the fiscal laws as part of the ongoing support and maintenance of the product. This allows retailers we work with to have visibility of the costs of Fiscal both when implementing a new Enactor POS solution and as well as future costs with confidence that changes in the law will not have unforeseen impacts on their business.

Our detailed reports capability also means that Enactor can provide any report required to demonstrate compliance, but also to combine information across both hardware and software elements for a consolidated view for the retailer.

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